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Benefits of regular carpet cleaning at home

Keeping carpets and upholstery clean and fresh has many different advantages, visual and especially health benefits. There are many reasons why carpet and upholstery cleaning should not be underestimated. Professional carpet cleaning or upholstery should be part of your regular home cleaning checklist.

Professional cleaning of upholstery

There is upholstered furniture in every home. We use them every day. They are our relaxation zone and often a nice place for our pets to lie down. Upholstery accumulates a very large amount of dust. That is why it is important for our health to vacuum the upholstery regularly. Both furniture and car upholstery to the same extent. Professional upholstery cleaning is recommended at least once a year to maintain adequate cleanliness and reduce bacteria.

Coffee stains – an effective solution to the problem.

Coffee is a refreshing drink, without which it is difficult to imagine the morning of modern people. Unfortunately, coffee stains on a carpet or an upholstery are no less common than the drink itself. Many who are faced with this scourge have a reasonable question. How to remove coffee stains to restore the upholstery or the carpet to their original appearance.

Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning – hot water extraction methods

Cleaning upholstery or carpets is done with a special vacuum cleaner called an extractor and professional cleaning agents dissolved in hot water. The resulting high pressure solution is injected into the carpet fibers under high pressure and all raised soil is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Dust – the source of allergies and infections

Furniture and carpets keep your home warm and comfortable. Dust and dirt that accumulate between piles can be a source of allergies and infections. In addition, during use, on the carpet surface there are also stains from spilled liquids or dirty shoes. As on carpets, a lot of dust and bacteries accumulates on the upholstery.

How To Remove Blood From Carpet Or Upholstery?

Minor cuts are common so a blood stain on the upholstery or carpet is not unusual. Like red wine and coffee stains, blood, whether fresh or dried, can be difficult to remove. In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove blood from carpet or upholstery. Also, how to wash rugs, carpets, depending on the resources at your home.