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Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning – hot water extraction methods

Cleaning upholstery and carpets are similar to each other – we can say like sisters. The difficulty in cleaning sofa and cleaning upholstered furniture is due to the:

  • variety of upholstery fabrics with different properties,
  • multitude of different materials that are in close contact with each other,
  • impossibility in many cases of determining the type of upholstery and filler,
  • presence of decorative elements and inlays.

If you identify all of the above factors, know their properties, you can choose the appropriate method of cleaning furniture. When cleaning the upholstery, you must remember to perform test. First, color stability. Second, the possibility of stretching the material or its deformation. You should be aware of the different origins of dirt and be able to find traces caused by sunlight, weather conditions, abrasion and wear, damage due to burnout by cigarette heat or yellowing. Remember that there may be stains and dirt under the top layer of dirt that will only appear during washing. Most types of upholstery can be wet cleaned. The method that is most often used to clean upholstery or carpets is hot water extraction.

Hot water extraction

Cleaning upholstery or carpets is done with a special vacuum cleaner called an extractor and professional cleaning agents dissolved in hot water. The resulting high pressure solution is injected into the carpet fibers under high pressure and all raised soil is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

A device itself is a powerful but compact vacuum cleaner equipped with a special nozzle. The detergent is supplied by one of the hoses. At the same time the used solution is removed from the upholstery fibers through the other hose.


    Steps of cleaning carpets and upholstery
    1. Vacuuming the surface
    2. Initial application of the cleaning agent. The detergent, dissolved in warm water, is sprayed under pressure onto the carpet or upholstery. The water is heated to a temperature acceptable for the type of fabric to be treated.
    3. Agitation with a brush or machine, previously applied pre-spray. Chemical reaction. The detergent dissolves and „kicks” all types of contamination onto the surfaces.
    4. Extraction (suction) of the used solution. Dirt and residual impurities are completely removed from the upholstery. The suction power is so great that the fabric remains almost dry. However, it is also worth taking into account that the time of complete drying of the furniture may be approx. 8-10 hours, at room temperature. Also, the time of drying depends on the degree of soiling.

    The advantage of hot-water extraction is that the products are deeply cleaned when dirt particles are chemically dissolved and „pulled” out of the fabric. Carpets or upholstery soiled by children, pets, various dyes or fragrances return to their original cleanliness and freshness.

    It is enough to perform this treatment 1-2 times a year – and your home will always be clean and comfortable. If the carpet or upholstery needs refreshing or deep cleaning, please contact Stain Sos Cleaning Services.


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