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Dust – the source of allergies and infections

Furniture and carpets keep your home warm and comfortable. Dust and dirt that accumulate between piles can be a source of allergies and infections. In addition, during use, on the carpet surface there are also stains from spilled liquids or dirty shoes.

As on carpets, a lot of dust and bacteries accumulates on the upholstery.

Vacuuming carpets removes 70-80% of dry dirt from surfaces. However, is not effective enough to completely remove stains and clean carpets from dirt. If you try to remove stains yourself with cheap products, no professional carpet cleaner, you can get bleached or worn-out colour stains that are difficult to remove. Often unsuitable agents cause the stain to harden. In the worst case, also it can change the colours on the cleaned surface.

Contact the specialists in time. First, you will get cleanliness with a guarantee and extend the service life of carpets and furniture upholstery. Second, you will save your nerves and money. Carpet and upholstery cleaning companies use modern, effective, hypoallergenic, certified products for their work.

Professional equipment allows to clean furniture upholstery and carpets at home.

If the carpet is not cleaned in a timely manner, the moment it needs to be thrown away will speed up. Professionals recommend cleaning carpets at least once a year and twice a year in offices with increased pollution.

Remember that your children are heavily exposed to contaminants in the carpet and upholstery. Especially when there are pets in the house.

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