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How To Remove Blood From  Carpet Or Upholstery?

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Minor cuts are common so a blood stain on the upholstery or carpet is not unusual. Like red wine and coffee stains, blood, whether fresh or dried, can be difficult to remove. In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove blood from carpet or upholstery. Also, how to wash rugs, carpets, depending on the resources at your home. Blood stains cannot be cleaned with warm or hot water.

How to deal with blood on carpet or upholstery?

Like most other stains, it’s best to start cleaning your blood as soon as possible. But if cleaning is delayed for any reason, all is not lost.  You can still use the same cleaning methods – only with a little more effort.

  • If the stain has dried, gently rub it with a soft brush to break up the plaque.
  • Mix one tablespoon of unscented hand cleanser with two cups of cold water. Using a clean white cloth, wipe the stain with the detergent solution.
  • Dry until the liquid is completely absorbed. Repeat this step until the stain disappears, then wipe the area with cold water and dry thoroughly.
  • If the stain still remains, mix one tablespoon of ammonia (never mix chlorine bleach and ammonia as the fumes produced are dangerous) with 1/2 cup warm water. Cover the stain with the solution until the liquid is absorbed. Rub with a sponge with cold water and pat dry.

Rug cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

Rules of conduct:
  • Do a hydrogen peroxide test in an inconspicuous area to make sure it will not change the color of the carpet. If you don’t notice any colour changes, dip the swab in hydrogen peroxide and carefully apply it to the stain.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth (soak the cloth in cold water) and dry.

If you prefer to have stains cleaned by professional carpet or upholstery cleaners, you are in the right place. Pour cold sparkling water over the fresh stain and give us a call. STAIN SOS CLEANING SERVICES offers professional carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in Abingdon, Oxford and the surrounding area. Our specialists will clean carpet and upholstery quickly and efficiently. Contact us.